Cortica is now live!
Cortica is now live!

Cortica is now live!

A new journal from the University of Fribourg is now publicly available on SOAP2:


a journal on research, theory and practice of educational neuroscience

While neuroscience has elucidated the mechanisms underlying brain development, cognitive and affective learning and memory, the accurate dissemination of this knowledge to teachers and educators has been limited. Such limitation has opened the door to certain neuromyths and misconceptions generated by misunderstandings, misreadings, and misquotes of brain facts. Therefore, the first volume of Cortica focuses on teacher/educator professional development in neuroscience that harnesses the power of active learning strategies and educational best practices resulting in a better understanding of teachers and students about brain function

More journals will soon be also available on the platform. You can check the list of live and coming journals on Our journals section.

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